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Hooked on the streets: RIO of Kalye Rio
The streets speak, your clothes meet. This is #jeanintransit featuring Rio Estuar for KALYE RIO. I met Rio in 2012 as one of my batchmates in the CMLI...
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I’m ready to fall in love again
Seoul, what have you done to me? They were right when they told me that I’d be easily swayed by you. They were right when they told me that I’d...
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I found something in Vietnam!
I FOUND SOMETHING IN VIETNAM! Yup! But before anything else… Hello everyone! I hope the birds kept singing along with the wind and to let us feel...
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Almost died but conquered Vietnam
ALMOST died but conquered this beautiful country! It’s funny when I think about it… I guess I have this crazy love-hate relationship with early...
What is Jean In Transit?
I always get this question, and I really like it when I am asked.   Let me take you back to what I wrote last year, and remember that I was actually...
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Thank you for being in transit with me!
One step at a time.  / Paano ba? Paulit-ulit ko ‘yang sinasabi sa sarili ko. Pinapakalma at pinababagal ang oras. Pero ‘syempre kasama ang kaba,...